optimize your
business for happiness

Most freelancers are slugging away with their few clients hoping someday things will change, can you relate?

Where’s the plan?

You're fantastic in your technical work, but do you have a plan to take it to the next level? The top freelancers have a very clear picture of what they want their business to look like and a laser like focus to achieve that.

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let’s build your plan from a to z

Whatever stage your freelance business is in, Next Level Freelance takes you through a strategic look at your personal goals and helps you design the lifestyle through actionable business goals. By the end of the book, you will have figured out:

Difference between top and mediocre freelancers

It's really one thing: Top freelancers treat their career as a business, and are intentional about their steps. Stagnant ones plug away at their client's work and have very little by way of action plan to move forward in their business.

It's not hard

Having a clear, actionable plan to move your business to the next level is key for turning your business into what you want it to be.


My story

Hiya! I'm Jevin Maltais, a developer and software consultant. I hated my job working as an engineer for a top secret government agency and left to start my own software consultancy. I now work less than 20 hours per week on my freelancing business and make about what I made at my salaried job. In the summer of 2012, my wife and I took our new born baby to Paris. We spent 3 months living and volunteering at a downtown soup kitchen. We traveled around France all while I was working less than 15 hours a week for my clients. Meanwhile, my subcontractor was working 30 hours per week on a major release. My clients hardly knew I left and were thrilled with the result.


I had a contractor in place 3 months before I left. The client and I had clear expectations for each other during that time. I code reviewed everything and did lead generation while I was away. With some planning, you can do similar things.


The book

Packed with exercises, strategies and case studies, the book will take your desired lifestyle and help you translate those into a business strategy, then translate that into actions you can do today!

the interviews

Patrick McKenzie Went from 18 hour work days to building products that make $100K+ per year, and consulting at $50,000 per WEEK.

Brennan Dunn Went from solo freelancer, to hiring employees, to building his own software product and selling info products. Makes $250,000 per year.

Steve and Allan Freelancers who partnered up, worked on massive products then built their own product that has a ton of users. Each clearing $125,000 per year.

Marc-André Cournoyer Family man Canadian. He's a failed freelancer who took a year off to study marketing. Builds and sells info products on Rails and marketing. In two years, cleared $250,000.

Daniel Morrison Started as a solo freelancer but got so busy, he keeps hiring employees! Great perspective on building an awesome team around you.

Xavier Noria Rails core team member. Family man who lives on the beach. Makes $200+/hr and bills no more than 25 hours per week. 100% of his clients find him through his open source contributions. He works without estimates or deadlines and his clients love him.

Obie Fernandez Wrote the Rails Way and still makes lots off royalties. Co-founder of Hash Rocket and made $250k+ per year before selling his share. Is convinced writing is one of the best passive income generators.

Chuck Max Wood Epic podcaster from Ruby Rogues and Freelancer Show. Started Rails Ramp Up as an info product. Has a rate of $150/hr and gets a ton of clients from his podcasting. Great perspectives on optimizing for happiness.

Alex Hillman Started as a web developer back in the mid-2000s. Needed relationships with people so he could collaborate on projects. Started a coworking space. Now consults exclusively on building community for governments and community leaders. Perspectives of moving from freelancing to something totally unexpected.

Rob Walling After many failed attempts. Has bought or created multiple software products. Author of Start Small, Stay Small and co-founder of the Micropreneur Academy.

the outsourcing toolkit

If you are working like crazy for your clients, have tons happening in your life or want to make money while someone does the technical work, you should take a serious look at outsourcing. It has been the single thing that reduced my work load so I can pursue other projects and spend more time with my family. I'd like you to learn from my experience to maximize the amount you can have other people do for you, at a reasonable cost.

Finding a Rails/Javascript/Other subcontractor (video) - There are a few ways to find and hire outsourcers online: Google searching, looking at open source projects, Odesk and referrals. I'll discuss each one and how you can get started with it in a low risk way.

Outsource things you hate doing (video) - Your time is extremely valuable. There are probably lots of things in your life that are simple enough that can be done by others are a very low cost. I'll show you how to offload those monotonous things so you can do things that are more important to be done. Sample things I will explain are:

  • Data Scraping for Startups
  • Finding a Broken Piece for My Food Processor
  • Finding a Quality Handyman (with references checked)
  • Getting a list of books from your Amazon Wishlist that are free at your local library
Jevin's Star List of Outsourcers - This is a list of people who I use reguarly, or who I have used (and loved) before but no longer have work for them. Save yourself the trouble of vetting yourself and try someone out on this list.


If for any reason you think the package you purchased wasn't worth it. Just toss me an email to jevin@quickjack.ca and I'll give you all your money back. No problem at all.




You'll have a complete action plan by the end of the book


The Book (as PDF)

"Your action plan" exercises

Leveraging the Masters


Transform the wisdom and strategies of others into rocketing your business forward


The Book (as PDF)

"Your action plan" exercises

10 Exclusive interviews from veteren freelancers who are really making it. Edited to make effective use of your time. Over 7 hours in total. MP3 and video versions included.

Interview actionable summaries - Busy? Get the actionable highlights of the interviews if you don't have time to watch everything right away.

Creating More Freetime


After spending over $5000 for 800 hours on Virtual Assistants and Outsourcers, and over $150,000 on subcontractors, I'll teach you how to find the best contractors and how to maximize their effectiveness.


The Book (as PDF)

"Your action plan" exercises

10 Exclusive interviews from veteren freelancers who are really making it. Edited to make effective use of your time. Over 7 hours in total. MP3 and video versions included.

Interview actionable summaries - Busy? Get the actionable highlights of the interviews if you don't have time to watch everything right away.

Making time by hiring a subcontractor - Here's how find a killer subcontractor and how you can ensure they deliver the quality you need for your clients. Video and MP3

Outsource things you hate doing - Learn how Jevin outsourced finding handyman, finding leads for his software product, find books from his Amazon wish list available at his local library and his making extra money and space by selling things via Craigslist. Video and MP3

Jevin's Star Outsourcers - Don't want to spend the time searching for an outsourcer? Get the contacts of Jevin's favorite Virtual Assistant, Wordpress site maker, PSD to Twitter Boostrap slicer and more.